Tamagotchi Time

What are Tamagotchi shop codes?

Tamagotchi Connection v2 is the first Tamagotchi to feature a shop where you can purchase four different items that change each day. All Tamagotchis made after the v2 have shops as well but v2, v3, and v4 all allow you to enter secret codes (one is usually found on the front of your instructions booklet) which usually consist of 8 characters using the A, B, and C buttons on your Tama. In order to get to the screen where you are able to enter the codes, you must first go to your shop icon (most likely found under the games icon). Next press the A button (first button) 3 times in a row quickly and the shopkeeper will appear shocked. You will now be able to enter your codes to get free items but be careful, if you do not enter them quick enough, you will have to try all over again.

Tamagotchi Connection v2 Codes

  1. Hair Potion: ACBC ABAC
  2. Love Potion/ Honey: BCBA CABA
  3. Steak: BACB CACB
  4. Cake: ABBA CBCA
  5. Stuffed Animal (Panda Suit): CBAA CABC

Tamagotchi Connection v3 Codes

  1. Cake: ABBA ACBA
  2. Steak: BCAB ACBC
  3. Cuckoo Clock: CBAC CABC
  4. RC Car: AABB CACB
  5. Stuffed Animal (Panda Suit): CACA BABC
  6. Hair Gel: ACBB BACC
  7. Love Potion/ Honey: BCBC CABA
  8. Ghost or Clone: 32479 91490 (Not entered at the shop)
  9. Pen: 63532 86367 (Not entered at the shop)

Tamagotchi Connection v4 Codes

These codes work slightly different. The first time you enter them, it will be free however, you can enter them again and buy the items. That is why prices are listed next to them. However you should be warned, I recommend entering them in the order listed here because the last code you enter gives you a cell phone toy instead of the item you wanted. The cell phone cannot be purchased otherwise and if you wanted the item you would have gotten otherwise, you will have to enter the code again and purchase it. The CD is free so enter that last and if you still want it after, it won't cost you any GP (gotchi points).

  1. Pen: BBCA CCCA (15,000 GP)
  2. Steak: ACAB ACAC (1,400 GP)
  3. Clone: BAAB ACBA (14,000 GP)
  4. Honey: CCBA AABB (7,000 GP)