Tamagotchi Time
So I am a little confused about a couple of things. So I just got my tamagotchi angel in the mail today. That was super fast shipping since I wasn't supposed to get it for two more weeks according to amazon. But my issue is I am not quite sure if I should open it or not... I am extremely tempted to but I just think how it's worth three times what I paid. Knowing me, by the end of the week, I will probably have torn open the package and played with it. It just looks so cool. I never had one but my sister did. She had the pink one but it stopped working so she threw it away years ago. Even if I decide not to open it... what about the batteries! I got the thing brand new (AMERICAN VERSION) and it is 14 years old so I am just wondering if I should take the batteries out... if anyone has any insight as to what I should do, could you comment on this post? much appreciated. I know electronic toys are a touchy thing to collect and quite risky when buying brand new ones in the box if they are old.
So hello again my little tama-fans :) (with all pun intended to the v5.5 game) How has everyone been? These past few days have been wonderful for my Tamagotchi collection. My mom had ordered a white tamagotchi connection v2 and a white tama-town tama-go for my birthday (which was June 30th). The tamagotchi connection was to replace one I had lost in a store many years ago and it arrived in the mail today. I was super excited and I do plan to have a review on it coming up soon. A picture has been added to the collections page. The tama-go has not arrived yet, however it should be here sometime around the sixth of July, this upcoming Wednesday. I cannot wait. I already went to Toys-R-Us and picked up a few figures for it, all of which can be seen on my collections page as well. In addition to these two, I picked up a brand new, still in box, silver angel tamagotchi off of amazon and I cannot believe the price. It was only $75 when on eBay it was well over 200.... I just hope it is as described. So that is three definite tamagotchi's added to the family but there is one more awesome thing. TheAngelofMusic1989 held a contest on youtube and I had entered and won one of four epic prizes. I am not entirely sure which one I won yet since she had us all list them in the order we wanted most. My order was: 1. Tamawalkie, 2. Tamagotchi Mothra, 3. Tamagotchi School, 4. Lil Kinz golden retriever. Hopefully one of the tama's will be mine :) That is all I have to say as of yet. I plan to write here more often so please, do check back soon.




So I see you have discovered my Tamagotchi Blog. Kudos to you. I am not quite sure how often I will be using this... perhaps only when I add new tama's to my family or update the site to inform you of new features? I am not sure yet. Basically I am a Tamagotchi collector and have been since I was a little kid and my older sister gave me her original tamagotchis. She had an Angel, A green one, an orange one, some giga pets, and a dinkie dino. The angel broke and the other ones.... well who knows what happened to those. I was about 6 or 7 when she gave them to me and I last saw them when I was 8 and got my first Tamagotchi Connection. I would like to replace all the ones I had and so far that is not going well. The one I really want to replace is my first V1 connection. I got it for Christmas in 2004. It is featured on my wish list page and is the clear reddish-pinkish looking one with orange buttons. I have been searching for months on eBay and Amazon but my searches always end with nothing. It's all so disappointing to me. As for the original ones to replace.... Haven't seen those exact ones anywhere either. Not sure if they were p1 or p2 but They were solid colors with white buttons and a KEYRING; not a ballchain on top. The green was kind of darkish but not really. and the Orange was regular orange. The only ones I have found in my searches are a light green one (definitely not right) and an orange clear with yellow buttons. If you or someone you know has any of these, please contact me and we can work something out.