Tamagotchi Time
So hello again my little tama-fans :) (with all pun intended to the v5.5 game) How has everyone been? These past few days have been wonderful for my Tamagotchi collection. My mom had ordered a white tamagotchi connection v2 and a white tama-town tama-go for my birthday (which was June 30th). The tamagotchi connection was to replace one I had lost in a store many years ago and it arrived in the mail today. I was super excited and I do plan to have a review on it coming up soon. A picture has been added to the collections page. The tama-go has not arrived yet, however it should be here sometime around the sixth of July, this upcoming Wednesday. I cannot wait. I already went to Toys-R-Us and picked up a few figures for it, all of which can be seen on my collections page as well. In addition to these two, I picked up a brand new, still in box, silver angel tamagotchi off of amazon and I cannot believe the price. It was only $75 when on eBay it was well over 200.... I just hope it is as described. So that is three definite tamagotchi's added to the family but there is one more awesome thing. TheAngelofMusic1989 held a contest on youtube and I had entered and won one of four epic prizes. I am not entirely sure which one I won yet since she had us all list them in the order we wanted most. My order was: 1. Tamawalkie, 2. Tamagotchi Mothra, 3. Tamagotchi School, 4. Lil Kinz golden retriever. Hopefully one of the tama's will be mine :) That is all I have to say as of yet. I plan to write here more often so please, do check back soon.


Ben Navon
05/25/2012 06:47

Hey cool post and my BirthDay is June 21 :) im getting a phone a a new v4.5 that i wanted and i fianlly found it on ebay im very happy :) last year i got an ipod touch and a tama go and this year the v4.5 and the new ipad :) or iphone or the MOTOROLA MILESTONE im very happy:)


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